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Our hoop teachers are the bees knees.

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Greetings! My name is Benjamin Berry, or “Fruit Hoops,” the hooping stage name I would like to make for myself and the name by which I make and sell custom hoops. In my view, hoop dance is a transformative process in which creative movement and boundless self-expression can inspire someone who is timid or lacking of purpose, turning them into a truly self-confident and passionate individual. My overwhelming desire to share this experience and its benefits with others has led me to receive my Hoopnotica Instructor certification and pursue both online and local teaching. I hope to share with you soon!


Caitlyn Woods is a hoop dance instructor, performer, movement activist, friend to the animals, gatherer of people and builder of community spirit. With a background in competitive weightlifting and sports massage, Caitlyn found that the hoop opened a doorway to spiritual healing, freedom of movement, meditation and joyful play that she hadn’t experienced before. Caitlyn loves to use her passion for hoop dance to promote body-love and help those around her to tap into their, sometimes neglected, love of play!
Hey everyone! My name is Hoopin’ Dew. I picked up my first hoop in May 2013 and immediately fell in love! Besides hooping, I also spin poi. I am a mother to two young kids as well as a nursing student. I started hooping to destress, but it has since become a very personal and spiritual thing for me. Hooping has given my life meaning and lots of color! I couldn’t imagine a life without it! It’s amazing what this plastic prop can do for you mentally and physically. I’m looking forward to working with you all and watching you continue on down such an amazing path!


the other chelsey

Hello hoopers, my name is Courtney McCormick and I am 19 years old. I live in a small ski town named Fernie British Columbia, and have lived here my entire life ! I began hooping in March of 2012 ; when a good friend of mine bought me my very first hoop. Hooping has been part of my life ever since. In the past 2 years I have accomplished creating my own hoops and selling them at various markets , hooping idol & various shows at local bars, birthdays and roller derby half time shows ! I also have my own online store , where my lovely boyfriend and I create beautiful feather earrings & crystal jewelry . My greatest accomplishment however is becoming a Phlebotomist!



I’m Dizzychelzeyy! 21 years young. I live in the hills of pa with my boyfriend, two dogs, and kitten. Started hooping in 2011 while in college at Pittsburgh. While living there I was a gogo dancer and got my first paid hooping gigs. I still perform once and a while and recently started teaching hooping in my hometown. I’m also an administrator for the facebook page “our world is weird and wonderful” and a server/bartender.



Circus gangster at heart, Caitlin Hofer pops the cork off traditional hoopdance. Soulful, energetic play is transformed into an off-beat, funky visual art with this 21 year old firecracker. She discovered object manipulation wile in search of a more bohemian life style in Santa Cruz California resulting in an international hula hoop award by Hooping.org in 2013 for New hooper (newbie!) of the year.  Caitlins aura echos with roars of the lion! She has been dancing and moving all of her life experimenting with hip hop, gymnastics, ballet and yoga. She has made it her mission to spread the hoop love and the sacred power of the Circle.


katie emmit bio
Katie is a 21-year old performer, teacher, and visual artist from Baltimore, MD.
After receiving her first hoop as a High School graduation gift, Katie fell in love with the practice and began dedicating her time to publishing online tutorials and giving back to the community in any way that she could. After three years of hooping, Katie has over 50 online hooping tutorials, several features on Hooping.org, Hoopcity.ca, and countless other hooping sites as well as a nomination for Hooping.org’s Instructor of the Year. Her online tutorials reach hundreds of hoopers from across the globe daily and her site, kemmitthoops, is devoted to selling performance and practice hoops to hoopers of all skill levels around the world.
Currently, Katie is completing her BFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her thesis? Creating drawings that capture the remnants of the body’s movement during flow.



Lainey Be is a trained ballerina, modern dancer, and ballroom dancer with a passion for incorporating the hoop into all of these dance styles. She views the hoop as a perfect outlet for creative and physical energy as well as a tool for healing and self-discovery. Lainey is a full time ballroom dance instructor and also spends her time teaching hoop dance, writing poetry and short stories, singing, choreographing and performing in the Pacific Northwest.



Hello Everyone! my name is Lee Jeffires, others know me under my performance name “spaz”. I have been performing with various “flow” props for a little over 2 years, and have been teaching for three years. I have worked with various companies as well as performed as an independent contractor for festivals and events such as SCI’S hulaween. I began learning multiple props under the direction of my team at Recreation Studios in Little Rock as well as a co-promoter/organizer/performer for Pensacola’s Up In Flames entertainment, and excited to begin my new journey as an instructor on hoop mentor!

Hooping to me has changed my life. as a hip hop dancer living in the south, I have ALWAYS had trouble finding a creative community. Limited space and an absence of mirrors can really slow down your progression. I needed something new, something that would aspire to inspire, which in turn would allow me to inspire others, and that is when my ex girlfriend introduced me to the art of hoop dance. Hooping is unlike any other form of dance i have practiced. For one you can hoop anywhere! (bye bye mirrors) & its symbolic to the idea that we are all , in some way, united.

This silly plastic circle is an extension of your body, it is like a pen to an authors hand, a tool to bring out the internal and express it externally, a story. i have never been able to tell my story, to fully express myself, until i found hooping. my mission throughout my journey is to ASPIRE to INSPIRE in order to be INSPIRED. thank you all for your loving support, happy hooping, and i look forward to working with you all very soon !


One with the beat, Taylor Starr interprets the music through her hoop. Her personality is reflected by her sassy, up beat, yet precision aggressive flow. She discovered her passion for flow and teaching in her early years of college. The hoop started her on a new chapter in life allowing her to grow and show the world who was inside. The once wall flower blossomed into an aspiring designer and a passionate hooper all because of a simple circle and a single beat.



Jedediah is a Media Psychologist, Performance Artist, Dancer, Social Entrepreneur, Tech-Geek, Dad, and the creator of hoopmentor.com. His work in Media Psychology led him to discover how people use art, the web, and other media to grow and become awesome people. He considers hooping ridiculously fun, and explores the art as a way to help people discover what makes them alive. As the inventor of The Hooping Game, he was so blown away by the growth he saw, he decided to take it to the next step. He created Hoopmentor as a way to combine learning, self-growth, the web, and teaching into one awesome creative pursuit!