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From Our Article on Hooping.org!

Marlaina Nicole

by Christina Berube

You know you’re a hooper when you’re plagued with dilemmas such as “finding your flow” or “getting over a plateau.” It happens to the best of us. Maybe you have been told to mix up the music you are practicing with.This is one solution to get out of a hoop rut, but what about hooping to a song that may or may not be something you have ever heard before, that someone elsehas chosen for you, and recording yourself while doing so. And the best part of all? Sharing it online with over 1,500 other hoopers from around the globe! What happens when we challenge ourselves to share our vulnerability with others? The Hooping Game on Facebook is getting people out of their comfort zones, into their hoops and creating new hoop friends in the process.

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Here are some of my favorites, by Richie Isaacs, Caitlyn Woods, and Caitlin Hoffer !