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Be a Mentor and help people live their dreams


Image CC Fire Gypsy

Image: Fire Gypsy

Mentors are why we are here.

This page was started because of our mission to help people grow by giving them great hooping mentors. We want to revolutionize arts instruction to help people fulfill their dreams. If you feel like you can be a Mentor, we’d like to hear from you.

Our Mentors enjoy the following benefits:

Direct Involvement
Mentors are a part of a special community that help steer and manage the university.
Get Paid
Hoopmentor is a venue for online teachers to practice their craft with eager online learners.
Foster Community.
By becoming a Mentor, you are taking a role front and center in the hooping world.


If you are a certified hooping instructor, have online teaching or tutorial making experience, are deeply involved in the hooping world, or have special considerations for application don’t hesitate to apply.

Apply to be a Mentor