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… or, Why Is This Better Than Youtube?

photo by sushi zume

Image: Masao Tamaoki

Tutorials are great, but there’s more out there. Many of us started off that way, but we wanted more. Hoopmentor is the next step, because it helps people learn faster and better.

Hoopmentor is based on creating a PLE, or Personal Learning Environment, a paradigm-breaking way of approaching instruction that involves using the web and social media for the most benefit.

The benefits of using Hoopmentor:

Faster than Youtube:
It’s a proven fact, instruction helps retainment and understanding, so you can become a master flow artist.
Personalized Training:
A youtube video can’t correct mistakes, offer insights, and push you to go the distance.
Learning Teams:
Learning teams are revolutionary. When you sign up with a class, you’re put with a group of learners who help guide each other and grow together. Swap tips, get support, and learn with a community of friends.
Exclusive Tricks:
Our teachers can share tricks you wont find in any tutorial.
Instant Access:
Anywhere, anytime learning with access to a Mentor.
Customized Instruction:
Hoopmentor courses are based on the needs of the learner, rather than the needs of the institution. Mentors adjust their lessons to suit your needs.
Professional Teachers:
New courses added monthly from some of the top names in the hooping world.
All courses count towards the Hoopmentor Certification in Hooping Arts.
When we feel stuck, we stop watching videos. Our mentors and your learning group keep you focused and ready to go.

Also, some people just want to learn from another person. We’re here for them too. A youtube video can’t personalize. It can’t understand your gaps, identify habits that are preventing you learning advanced moves, or set learning goals that work in your favor. Hoopmentor helps you become a master flow artist by putting the tools you need in your hands, and putting you in touch with master hoopers.

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