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The Question No One Wants to Ask

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Wow, 4,400 members in the Hooping Game!!

I can’t tell how excited that makes me. Ever since there’s been 14 members in the group, I get giddy and jump up and down anytime I see that thing add members. Seriously, its like gangbusters.

But I have to wonder too, just how many of these new additions are bots? Well, if I listen to the good folks over at Veritasium, quite a few actually. The truth is, all kinds of hooping pages are showing a huge surge in membership lately, and it makes me wonder if hooping is finally popular enough to attract the attention of the click-farmers. And as we know, click farming is BIG business.

According to this facebook article, facebook farming is a 200 million dollar a year business in Italy.

And when you boil it down, hooping is a ripe activity to attract the attention of farmers, who often seed their farms with growing likes and interests in order to diversify their accounts.

So, while I LOVE the attention that the hooping game, unity, and other groups are getting of late, I also have to watch the numbers skeptically. When Facebook deleted 83 million accounts, it represented 9% of the total facebook members that existed at the time. It didn’t take very long for Facebook not only to eclipse that number, but go into ludicrous speed thereafter: nowadays, Facebook has 1.3 billion members. Do you honestly think 9% of those are still fakes in such a short time? Between you and me, its probably way more – like, panic in the streets more, facebook-investors-jumping-out-the-window more. Which brings another interesting question: now that facebook is publicly traded, do you think they will EVER admit this is going on?

But that’s okay though. Because in the end, I talk to most of you anyway, I know you, you know us, and we get on like spring peas.

If anything, its a sign that we are growing.

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  1. Amber White Reply

    So I’m not up with all the technical jargon for web pages, so excuse my ignorance on the matter, but you’re pretty much saying that people are making false profiles and adds to pages so they can make themselves more money? Isn’t that a form of fraud? Also, I hope you don’t ever have to discontinue the hooping game page, its too awesome!

    • Jedediah Reply

      That is indeed the case! Many people will pay for adds – so many people will create a billion fake accounts to get them. But no, the hooping game isn’t going away! We’ll keep on goin!!

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