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Hula hooping in Japan circa 1958

Getting Ready to Open the doors…

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Wow, this has been an awesome adventure.

Just around a month ago we started the hooping game … and its grown into such an amazing mess.

As we open our doors I just wanted to thank the amazing mentors who have made this possible. Chelsey Shambhala, Summer Escalante, Lainey Be, Lee Jefffries, Courtney McCormick, Caitlin Hofer, Chelsey Stauffer, Benjamin Berry, Kassandra Morrison, Angela Horstman, Taylor Starr, Katie Emmit and everybody else.

Our amazing journey starts here. We’ve got the whole world in front of us, and we’re caught in its spin. I owe you guys so much, and I hope this site helps you advance your own careers, live your dreams, and have the impact you want to have.

Everyone else, you too. :)


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