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Working on our Driving Statements

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A driving statement is like a manifesto.

It’s about telling the world who we are, what we do, and why we do it. And I took some time to sit down and figure out exactly it is that I want to do with hoopmentor. Really, I want to dream big, and this is a playground for that dream. Hoopmentor is just at the start of a huge movement in education to adapt and change to the internet, and this kind of learning is one way it can go. Hooping is on its way to being recognized as one of the major dance forms of this century, and to see that through is going to take a committed team of us working together to affect change. My big dream is to see hooping as a fully recognized form of dance and dance therapy, and I want this site to ultimately help get us to the point where we can offer full degrees in dance online. Dance? The internet? You better believe it.

There’s a school selling a Master’s degree in computer science for $6,000. If they can do that, imagine the future that’s ahead of us.

Here’s our driving statement. Let me know what you think.  - Jed 



We help people grow by giving them great hooping mentors. We want to revolutionize arts instruction to help people fulfill their dreams. 



Helping people grow creating opportunities for a creative, active, and healthy lifestyle through the hooping arts.

  • We do so by creating an online hooping school that teaches Hooping Dance, Crafts, Performance, and Business.
  • When people have access to the performing arts, a community that supports them, and a network of Mentors to guide their path, they have more opportunities to live their dreams.
  • The success of the student creates a ripple effect, helping everyone around them succeed.
  • The results benefit the student and their family for the rest of their lives.



We want to connect the community together. We believe this happens with Good Mentors, Good Community, And making Good Art.

  • Some people work really well with just tutorials, but some people want more support!
  • Either way, everyone learns faster through direct instruction and mentorship.
  •  And continue to work with our students to ensure long-term success.
  • Because of this, Hoop Mentor provides a service unlike any other:we offer tools for growing artists along with leaders to help them actualize.



Our goal is to create long-term results to stay with the student from the moment of registration throughout the completion of their hooping instruction.

  • Our idea is to change the way that arts instruction happens, using the internet as our medium.
  • This method can create top performing artists faster and cheaper, while letting them live their every day life.
  • And provides one the largest networks of performing artists to help them and watch them grow.



  • It takes everyone in the community working together to create a bright future.
  • It begins with you.
  • Together, we can remind people of the number one power of the arts: to create happiness in the lives of its practitioners.


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    The Mission Statement is awesome! I love your ideas and your intentions you have got going here! =D Wonderful!

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