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Hoopmentor is made by the community, for the community, in
order to help each other flow like we've always dreamed.
Find a Mentor and learn directly from some of the top hoopers
out there today! Classes are cheap and easy.

Community-Created, Community Driven

Lots Of Ways To Be Involved!

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Check Out The Hooping Game!

Don't Worry Ma'am We're From The Internet

The Hooping Game is a mind-blowing challenge game
involving hundreds of players around the world on facebook.
Dance to the craziest music out there, learn hooping, and
have a blast doing it.

Push yourself, get creative, and have fun! Start playing now!

*video: the amazing Richie Isaacs -- you rock!

unlock your inner flow
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Our Goals

Help us in our mission to help people grow by giving them great hooping mentors, and revolutionize arts instruction.
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How We Do

Want to know more about how our classes work? Find out here and learn how we can help you unlock your inner flow.
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Meet our Mentors

Our Mentors are talented hooping instructors from beginner level to advanced. Come meet our family.
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Our Course List

Check out our constantly updating courses, created by some of the best hoopers in the community.
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Intermediate Body Rolls – Hoopmentor Marketplace

Level Up! Kassandra Morrision teaches a variety of body rolls & variations....

Hoop Business Consultation! – Hoopmentor Marketplace

Soooo many hoop companies out there now! Make yours stand out. Jedediah Walls,...

Our Services

    • Pro Teachers
    • Faster Learning
    • Month-long Courses
    • Tricks You Can't Find Anywhere Else
    • Community Driven
    • Learning Teams
    • New Courses Often
    • Alternative Courses: Crafts, Poi, and Business!
  • Courses run on a month-long cycle. Students use conference calls, emails, and videos to master their tricks with their Mentor and team. Find out more by visiting here.
  • Our mission is simple: We help people grow by giving them great hooping mentors. We want to revolutionize arts instruction to help people fulfill their dreams.